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BMC Software Launches MyIT

       Revolutionary New Enterprise Software Gives Employees
     Personalized, Localized Control Over the IT Services They

HOUSTON, Oct. 30, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BMC Software (Nasdaq:BMC)
today launched BMC MyIT, a revolutionary new enterprise software
solution that empowers employees to take personal control over the
delivery of the IT services and information they need -- anytime,
anywhere, from any device. See the demo.

A social media version of this release that includes photos, video
clips, and additional quotes and background material, is available at

Speaking about the new solution, Abraham Galan, CIO at energy giant
PEMEX, said: "PEMEX will be among the first companies in the world to
deliver BMC Software's MyIT solution -- in our case, that means more
than 75,000 IT users. Employees are demanding a much better service
experience than many IT organizations have been able to provide. PEMEX
has been a leader in this area, and we believe that BMC's MyIT will
reduce our cost of service delivery and enable us to compete more
effectively, both for markets and for talent. BMC MyIT is an
extraordinary piece of software that represents exactly what IT
organizations need today."

Watch other customers talk about why they're excited about MyIT

Frustration with company IT departments is a widely shared communal
experience. Forrester Research reports that just 35 percent of business
decision-makers say IT provides "high quality, timely end user
support." What's more, employees are increasingly circumventing their
IT organizations in search of faster IT support and problem resolution.

"The IT people and non-IT people sometimes talk two different
languages, and it's hard to cross that barrier. In fact, a lot of times
there's this unfounded fear of IT because the users typically don't get
the information they need, or don't understand it when it is given to
them," said Robert Stinnett, senior analyst at Carfax. "MyIT solves
this universal problem."

The gap in expectations between enterprise IT organizations and
employees also is evident in social media channels. A recent online
search using Radian 6 showed more than 3.8 million posts emanating from
individuals seeking help or expressing frustration regarding corporate
IT issues they were experiencing -- in just one week.

"Today, in a powerful irony, an employee's personal IT experience is
much better than their IT experience at work, yet they're forced to
relinquish the productive value of their personal IT when they go to
work," said Kia Behnia, BMC's chief technology officer. "The 'demand
signal' for change from millions of company employees around the world
is unmistakable. Employees want IT organizations that provide a modern
"store front" for IT services and information delivery and a "genius
bar" ability to manage and control the IT services and information they
need to do their jobs. IT organizations must respond to this change,
and MyIT is the bridge that connects their industrialized
infrastructure with the needs and expectations of their fellow

Joe Pucciarelli, vice president and IT executive advisor at IDC, said:
"The best consumer IT companies have taught people to expect a lot from
their IT experience. In their personal lives, people experience IT in
intensely personal, highly mobile, very productive ways. But as they
cross the bridge from personal IT to enterprise IT, much of that is
lost as companies strive to balance access with risk -- often without
adequate resources. What employees receive instead is often compromised
in comparison to what they have in their personal lives."

"The result is what IDC calls IT Friction -- the rising cost in both
hard dollar costs and lost productivity as individuals struggle to use
a combination of corporate, third-party and personal IT platforms
across offices, homes, planes, trains and hotels," Pucciarelli
continued. "IDC believes IT Friction adds 10-20 percent to an
employee's workload -- that's a material fraction of a typical work
week that's lost to IT Friction. It's easy to see why employees want a
much more integrated, responsive and flexible computing experience. New
technologies such as BMC Software's MyIT will be very popular with both
IT departments and the employees they support."

The BMC MyIT solution delivers significant operational benefits and
resolves many expensive, interlocking problems:

  --  Reduced IT Service Costs. The combination of self-service, process
      automation and the right employee-facing UI slash the IT costs
      associated with resolving trouble tickets -- as much as 25 percent in
      large companies.

  --  Much Better Productivity. IT Friction is reduced dramatically as the BMC
      MyIT solution allows employees to focus on productivity and value
      creation rather than fixing IT problems. With MyIT, employees are in the
      driver's seat, fully empowered to specify and manage their own
      personalized IT service and information delivery -- anywhere, anytime,
      using any device. Services and information required by individual
      employees are immediately updated as new information comes online or an
      employee's location changes.

  --  Much Happier Employees. The BMC MyIT solution takes an employee's
      positive experience with IT in their personal lives and extends it into
      their work life. Immediate access to the right services and
      context-aware content, unhampered by old-line IT processes, drives
      enhanced job satisfaction and productivity at a time when the ability to
      recruit and retain top talent is crucial to success.

  --  Stronger IT Organizations. The demands of IT's rapidly consumerizing
      "front end" and the explosion of new devices to be supported represent a
      huge challenge for IT organizations, most of which are struggling to
      deliver legacy services via traditional, under-resourced service models.
      IT professionals want to work in a modern, accessible IT organization
      that really powers the business. MyIT helps IT organizations build a
      bridge to the future -- delivering what employees demand while
      guaranteeing the controls and security needed to safeguard company

The BMC MyIT solution can be used from any device, delivering a
personalized portfolio of technology and services to each individual
employee, including a content locker, mobile corporate app store and
other location-aware services and solutions. MyIT integrates with the
BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite and will bring the power of
Business Service Management to employees in companies around the world.

For more information about BMC and the BMC MyIT solution, please visit:

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Business runs better when IT runs at its best.

Tens of thousands of IT organizations around the world -- from small
and mid-market businesses to the Global 100 -- rely on BMC Software
(Nasdaq:BMC) to manage their business services and applications across
distributed, mainframe, virtual and cloud environments. BMC helps
customers cut costs, reduce risk and achieve business objectives with
the broadest choice of IT management solutions, including
industry-leading Business Service Management and Cloud Management
offerings. For the four fiscal quarters ended June 30, 2012, BMC
revenue was approximately $2.2 billion. For more information about BMC
Software, visit

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and Trademark Office, and may be registered or pending registration in
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countries. All other trademarks or registered trademarks are the
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