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Fedora Uses YubiKey for Strong Two-Factor Authentication

Pleasanton, CA, October 17, 2010 --( The Fedora Project, a Red Hat sponsored and community-supported open source collaboration, has integrated support into its infrastructure services for YubiKey, the open source authentication key by Yubico. The YubiKeys are also used by Fedora’s core team members for securing access to high security hosts.

The Fedora Infrastructure team is a global community of system administration professionals that provide services for collaboration by the Fedora Project's contributors worldwide. The team, led by Red Hat engineer Mike McGrath, constantly searches for ways to improve and enhance the platforms they maintain on behalf of the Fedora Project.

One of the fundamental principles of the Fedora Infrastructure team is their dedication to Fedora's stance on freedom. In short, the team only uses, produces, and deploys 100% free and open source software for these services. Fedora contributors are thus able not only to have immediate access to free software services, but are also able to contribute to their continual improvement.

“The YubiKey is backed by a free software stack and can be used agnostically with other free software, making it well-suited for the rest of the Fedora team's processes,” says Mike McGrath, Red Hat engineer and leader of the Fedora Infrastructure team.

The YubiKey is being distributed to core Fedora Project team members to further enhance access control to high security hosts through multi-factor authentication. On other hosts, the team intends to use YubiKey to develop, test and implement mechanisms for password-less access. These mechanisms are expected to further reduce risk in the unlikely event a host is compromised, allowing the team more flexibility in investigation and reporting.

“We are glad that the Fedora team is embracing the open source strategy that has been core to Yubico’s success since the start,” says Stina Ehrensvärd, Yubico CEO & Founder.

For more information on how to use YubiKey with Fedora:

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